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OOHNA Spring 2024 CNA Study Group

April 8, 2024 - April 30, 2024


OOHNA is proud to announce the launch of its Pilot program - The CNA OHN Certification Study Group.
Running from April 8th till April 30th, the program includes a private Linkedin Group where study group members can discuss OHN Certification exam topics with one another, post their questions regarding the material and attend weekly ZOOM sessions led by Experienced OHNS - our Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety & Disability Management Instructors and Material Experts.

The OOHNA CNA Study Group boosts:

- Expert-led study sessions by experienced OHNs.

- Comprehensive exam preparation with a focus on key areas.

- Collaborative learning environment with Q&A and discussion boards.

- Special sessions dedicated to exam preparation tactics.

Note: Due to the structure of the study group, the maximum amount of participants is capped at 15.


1) Who can join?
A. The study group is open for everyone. However, we strongly suggests OHN Nurses preparing to give the certification exam in the upcoming 2024 Spring CNA exam writing dates: May 1 - May 15th.

2) Is there a fee to join?
OOHNA's study group is led by Experienced Subject Matter experts, who will be dedicating their time answering your questions and leading the virtual sessions. Thus, our study group has a fee which enables our Instructors to dedicate their time to the group.
The joining fee for OOHNA Members and Essential students is $35 and for Non Members is $50.

3) What do I need to join the Study Group?
As our group meets virtually, a strong internet connection and your own personal computer is recommended. We will meet weekly on zoom and the sessions will be recorded for those study group members who cannot make it.
You would also need to have a LINKEDIN account to access the OOHNA run Linkedin group and post on the discussion board. Note we are using the normal posting options on the Linkedin Group as a discussion board, and it allows future study group participants to search the posts and add/review information.

4) Is it important to take the Essentials Course before joining the Study Group?
While it is not required, OOHNA strongly recommends joining the study group after/while taking the Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety and Disability Management Course.
As some of the material OOHNA is using is from our Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety and Disability Management Course, we strongly recommend past/current Essentials student to enroll in the study group. When discussing a topic, essential students will be reminded of the material they have been given to review and participants in the study group who are not past essentials students will be given material topics to search and find.

5) What will we be provided?
OOHNA will provide the Study Group members with past exam questions, exam study guide with list of information to review, and the Certification Prep Outline with details about what will be covered in OOHNA Study Group Virtual ZOOM Sessions.

6) When are the Virtual Study Group Sessions? How does the Linkedin Group Work?
Once a week, our OOHNA subject matter experts will go over the questions posted in the group to give their experienced answer. During the virtual Zoom Sessions, our facilitators will be reviewing the Session Specific topics and answering past exam questions. The dates for the Virtual Study Group Sessions are tentative, but there will be 7 sessions between April 10th to April 30th, with session specific topics covered in each – with the first session planned for Wednesday, April 8th, 2024 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

 If you have any further questions not answer above, please contact Ayesha at


Linkedin Private Group for Communications Zoom Virtual Study Sessions Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 PM Starting Wednesday 10th April, 2024

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